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Warmly welcome the leaders of Foshan Sanlong Bay Nanhai Area to visit our company!

January 4th, 2022, Wang Na, Deputy Director of the Construction Bureau of Sanlong Bay Nanhai Area, Foshan, Chen Peiyan, Deputy Director of the General Department, Xu Guibin, Deputy Director of the General Department, Yin Weiwen, Chief of the Talent Development Section of the Organization Department of the Nanhai District Committee, and talents of the Organization Department of the Nanhai District Committee Zhang Jiayi, deputy director of the research institute, and You Zhaotao, representative of Haichuang Talent Southern Entrepreneurship Service Center, and other 9 people visited our company, and our general manager Wu Qingjin and technical expert and deputy general manager Professor Ms Li accompanied the whole reception. 


The general manager of the company expressed his welcome and great thanks to Director Wang and his party. Afterwards, Professor Li introduced the company's core technology, settlement implementation and future development plans to the leaders present, and conducted in-depth exchanges and interactions on the development of the bio-industry.


After listening to the company's report, the leaders fully recognized the company's future development, and inquired about the company's development needs and the introduction of talents, expressed that they would try their best to help solve the problems encountered in the company's development. 


After the discussion, the leaders, accompanied by President Wu and Professor Li, visited the company's R&D laboratory.