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IVD reagent development service

CLIA,chemiluminescence immunoassay

Method introduction: Chemiluminescence is a phenomenon of luminescence that is caused by a substance whose electronic energy level is in an excited state due to a chemical reaction. It releases energy through a transition to produce photons, which results in a luminescence phenomenon. Chemiluminescence immunoassay is a technology that combines chemiluminescence and immunoassay. A series of immunoreactions between labeled antigen or antibody and the test substance are carried out to determine the luminescence intensity to obtain the content of the test substance. The chemiluminescence immunoassay reagent developed by our company adopts the magnetic particle chemiluminescence method, which is a detection method combining the chemiluminescence immunoassay method and the magnetic particle carrier technology. Substrate antigen (antibody) is coated with magnetic particles, and alkaline phosphatase is used to label the analyte antigen (antibody) to prepare an enzyme conjugate, which forms an antigen-antibody-enzyme-labeled antigen (antibody) complex through an immune reaction, which catalyzes the luminescent substrate The object emits photons, and the luminescence intensity is proportional to the content of the antibody (antigen) of the object to be tested. Because the suspended magnetic particles have a higher specific surface area as a carrier, they can more fully react with the sample, and the flexible application of an external magnetic field has higher sensitivity, faster detection speed and better than the ELISA plate carrier. The advantages of repeatability, etc., have been widely used in many fields such as biological and medical testing.